“A new global report on air pollution by the World Health Organisation (WHO) shows that 14 of the 15 cities with the highest levels of PM 2.5 pollutants in 2016 were in India. (The 15th was Ali Subah Al-Salem in Kuwait.) These 14 towns and cities stud a broad swathe of northern India stretching west to east from Jodhpur (No. 14) in Rajasthan to Gaya (No. 4), Patna (No. 5), and Muzaffarpur (No. 9) in Bihar. Effectively then, the new WHO report identifies the Indo-Gangetic plain, along with Rajasthan and the Kashmir Valley, as having the worst air in the world.” The Indian Express

Traditional coal chulas placed in a busy road in Kolkata on Wednesday morning. Level of pollution increasing day by day in Kolkata. Express Photo by Partha Paul. 07.02.2018.

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North India has the foulest air in the world, says the WHO — this is why