haze_alertIn 2014, the World Health Organization studied the air quality of 1,600 cities in 91 countries, and New Delhi ranked as the most polluted city in the world. In fact, 13 of the most polluted 20 cities were in India.

This data has since been updated by the W.H.O. and New Delhi got displaced from the top of the list—unfortunately, not because it cleaned up its air, but because W.H.O started tracking other more polluted cities in the world. In November 2016, Delhi’s air was actually the worst its been in the past 17 years, forcing the Indian government to declare an “emergency situation” and temporarily close schools, construction sites, and power stations until the pollution was under control.

Air pollution in Delhi has become a front and center issue, making international news, raising our awareness of this environmental problem and how it affects our health. This site serves as an information platform for air quality news, scientific research, publications, links to primary sources, and policy measures for Delhi’s air.

On this site, you can see where to check today’s air pollution readings, learn what the numbers mean, learn about air pollution and its effects on health and understand what you can do to protect yourself and your family on hazardous air days.

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