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“The Supreme Court Friday approved the use of a common pollution code for Delhi-NCR to categorise the severity of the pollutants present in the air. The levels of pollution will be classified into four categories — moderate to poor, very poor, severe, very Severe or emergency. Accepting recommendations made by the Delhi and Central government, the apex court directed the Centre to notify the levels of four categories of pollution.  Beijing also has a similar pollution code where regular colour-coded alerts are issued based on the pollution levels. The court order comes nearly a month after the capital saw pollution levels rise to alarming levels, with thick smog enveloping the city. It lead to the Arvind Kejriwal government announcing a slew of temporary measures to bring pollution levels down to normal.

Shutting down of the Badarpur power plant, halting construction activity, vacuuming cleaning and sprinkling of water on roads, and banning the practice of burning dry leaves or waste were among the measures announced. Recently the top court has also banned the sale of fireworks in the capital in an effort to curb rising pollution levels.” The Indian Express. Read it on

Delhi-NCR gets pollution code on lines of Beijing