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“The Chinese capital’s air quality has dramatically improved in the last couple of years and there are lessons that New Delhi could learn from how authorities in Beijing are tackling pollution, an expert from Greenpeace has said.

“Average PM2.5 levels in Beijing fell by approximately 30% from 2013 to 2015. Though the statistics are more mixed in 2016, major improvements are again expected next year, the target year of China’s national air pollution plan.  According to data from the Beijing Municipal Environment Monitoring Centre, the PM2.5 count did fall by about 12.5% till August this year.  A similar improvement in air quality could seem impossible right now in the Indian capital. But if Beijing has done it, New Delhi could too, Lauri Myllyvirta, coal and air pollution expert at Greenpeace, told Hindustan Times on Monday.

“Whether you look at industrial pollution, crop burning or transport, the situation for New Delhi is similar to Beijing – the vast majority of pollution comes from outside the city, 60% to 90% according to one IIT-Delhi study. This means that action on the regional level will be absolutely key,” Myllyvirta said…” Hindustan Times. Read the full article on

‘Beijing air has improved rapidly, New Delhi could learn’