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“Air pollution has hit a new high in the country since Diwali, with Delhi air pollution and smog making headlines. People are falling sick, having trouble breathing, or experiencing headaches, nausea, and discomfort because of the pollution – and in the last few weeks, the air pollution levels are higher than ever.

“There are a few things you can do to make the air at home better – we’ve talked about gadgets you can use, and some low cost methods to follow, but for now, buying air masks in India has become imperative for one and all to protect themselves from the effects of air pollution. However, buying just any air mask won’t do. You need to know which air mask is good for you and which isn’t going to be any help at all. Here’s a list of the best air pollution masks you can consider buying, why they are useful to you, and where you can buy them…” NDTV-Gadgets 360. Read the full article and more about the different types and brands of masks on

N95, N99, and Other Best Air Pollution Masks You Can Buy in India