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“Delhi’s air is the worst among world megacities, the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed recently, even as IndiaSpend’s #breathe network of air-quality sensors reported fine-particulate-matter (PM2.5) levels were almost four times above daily safe levels, on average, for the seven-day period from September 22 to 28, 2016.

“For long-term exposure, these 24-hour levels are nearly 11 times above the WHO health standards.

“Over the monsoon, Delhi’s air was relatively cleaner because the rain and wind diminished the impact of pollutants. But with the season changing, three of our five sensors in the National Capital Region (NCR) registered “poor” to “very poor” air-quality levels from September 22 to 28, meaning prolonged exposure affects healthy people and “seriously impacts” those with existing disease…” NDTV. Read the full article on

Delhi Continues To Top World’s Most Polluted Megacities List: World Health Organisation