IEA corroborates Greenpeace India’s findings on air pollution: New

“The International Energy Agency in its recent report ‘World Energy Outlook Special Report on Energy and Air Pollution’ has reaffirmed Greenpeace India’s previously-stated position on thermal power plants contributing significantly to high levels of air pollution. The IEA report released today suggests that 85 percent of particulate matter and almost all of the sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides result from fuel combustion.

“According to the report around 60 percent of global combustion-related sulphur dioxide emissions originate from coal. The same was also highlighted through Greenpeace India’s latest report Out of Sight which depicted presence of SO2 hotspots at the coal consuming hotspots in the country using analysis done on satellite data from NASA.” New Read it on

IEA corroborates Greenpeace India’s findings on air pollution