TERI cautions against regularisation of odd-even scheme: The Times of India

“Launching an impact assessment study on the ‘odd-even’ scheme here, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) on Tuesday cautioned against the regularisation of the scheme, while saying the rule should at best be used as an emergency measure. The research institute, however, acknowledged that the odd-even vehicle scheme in the city was successful in raising public awareness on air pollution as well as in improving traffic speeds.

“TERI observed as private cars have limited contribution in the PM2.5 levels in the city, the scheme yielded only marginal reductions of 4-7 percent during both the phases.”During Phase 2 of the scheme,” it said, “the general variation of PM 2.5 concentration due to daily changes in local emissions, meteorology and background concentrations (influences from outside Delhi) was 42 percent. The reduction achieved from the odd-even scheme during this phase seems too small (~4 percent) to be captured, among the other more dominating factors.” The Times of India. Read it on delhiair.org

TERI cautions against regularisation of odd-even scheme