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“In a quest to gather more data on Delhi’s second odd-even experiment, data analytics firm SocialCops has deployed five low-cost pollution sensors on auto rickshaws in the city.The Delhi-based startup said that it has deployed five low-cost GPS-enabled IoT (Internet of Things) devices, made out of parts sourced from manufacturers in China at a per-unit unit cost of Rs. 6,500. The data collected is accessible on the Web in a real-time dashboard, where anyone can view the overall air quality score for each day, examine how air quality changes on an hourly basis, and even track each device as it travels across the city.

SocialCops said that it is presently collecting more than 15,000 unique pollution data points every day, which is used to calculate the AQI, based on the National Air Quality Index of India standards. A network of 100 such sensors could calculate data from 250,000 individual readings, covering a wider area of the city, the company said…” Gadgets 360 (NDTV). Read it on

These Autos are Driving Around Delhi Collecting Air Quality Data