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“If you think mornings are the best time for outdoor exercise, you’re wrong. Mornings experience the worst air pollution in four Indian cities, according to an analysis of particulate matter 2.5 data from IndiaSpend’s #Breathe air quality sensors, analysed from Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai between March 15 and April 15.

Bengaluru: Best air quality – midnight

The worst air quality was at 7 am, as PM 2.5 concentrations peaked at 61.54 micrograms per cubic metre of air (μg/m3). The air quality improved as the day wore on, worsening by evening at about 5 pm, reaching a late evening high at 7 pm (57.60 μg/m3). The best air quality was registered around midnight, when PM 2.5 levels fell as low to 40.12 μg/m3.

Chennai: Best air quality – 3 pm

The worst air was at 7 am, when PM 2.5 levels (61.54 μg/m3) reached their peak. Levels began to peak over the night and slide during the day, after 7 am. The best air quality was recorded in the afternoon, at 3 pm, with PM 2.5 levels reaching as low as 20.76 μg/m3.

Delhi: Best air quality – 4 pm

Mornings were the worst time, with PM 2.5 levels reaching as high as 108.16 μg/m3 at 7 am. Air quality gradually improved as the day wore on, registering the cleanest air at 4 pm (22.84 μg/m3). Pollution levels then picked up through the night.

Delhi topped the list of the world’s most polluted cities, according to the World Health Organization.

Mumbai: Best air quality – 5 pm

The worst hour for a Mumbaikar is 8 am, with PM 2.5 levels reaching 48.61 μg/m3; the air started to worsen after 5 am. The best air quality was registered at 5 pm, when PM 2.5 levels were 22.38 μg/m3.” Scroll.In. Read it on

Going by air pollution data, early morning exercise isn’t a good idea in these four metros