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“The second iteration of the Delhi government’s intervention to control air pollution will begin Friday with another fortnight of the odd-even vehicle rationing scheme. Till April 30, on odd dates only cars whose registration plates end with an odd number can ply and on even dates only cars with number plates that end in an even number can ply, while the rule does not apply for Sundays. Like the first phase that began January 1, few complications are expected since Friday is Ram Navami, a public holiday.

“With just one extra exemption, parents driving children to school, exemptions from the earlier phase continue including VIPs, two-wheelers, emergency vehicles and cars driven by single women. The government has also decided to shift its focus from awareness last time to strict enforcement starting Friday. The transport department Thursday announced it will tighten enforcement for the second phase of odd-even. To this end, almost 2,500 personnel will be deployed at 200 points of the city, with ex-servicemen assigned the task of patrolling inner streets.” The Indian Express. Read it on

Part II of Delhi government’s pollution-control plan: On a Delhi road near you today, the sequel to odd-even