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“Most of us try to block outdoor pollution by closing doors and windows and by using air conditioners and air purifiers. But a simpler solution would be to opt for a few plants, says Anand Sankar, co-founder of Springfinity, a start-up that sells garden kits for urban apartments. ‘The quality of air is one of the biggest problems we face in our times, and the simplest solution is to invite nature back into our homes,’  says Sankar, who is based in Gurgaon, near Delhi.

But that’s not the only reason you should grow plants around you, in offices and homes. A growing body of research points to mental, physical and even performance benefits from doing so. “Plants and flowers are programmed into our DNA,” says Sangram Jagtap, vice-president, Indian Nurserymen Association. ‘The sight of plants and flowers makes us feel calm and relaxed,’ says Jagtap, who runs a nursery in Pune.”  Live Mint. Read it on

Go Green to Counter Pollution