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“An £800 pollution tax should be put on sales of new diesel cars, with the proceeds used for a scrappage scheme for older diesels, according to the thinktank Policy Exchange.The move, proposed ahead of George Osborne’s budget on 16 March, would encourage motorists to move towards lower emission vehicles and significantly reduce air pollution, according to the thinktank, which is close to Osborne. The idea is also backed by the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and an influential committee of MPs.

“Air pollution is illegally high in many UK cities and causes tens of thousands of premature deaths a year. Regulations have failed to control nitrogen dioxide levels, which mostly comes from diesel vehicles and was highlighted by the VW emissions cheating scandal.

“…Policy Exchange noted that tax incentives increased diesel cars from 14% of Britain’s car fleet in 2001 to 36% now, but that diesel cars no longer produce significantly less CO2 than petrol cars. The thinktank said diesel cars and vans cause 70% of NOx emissions in London, with vehicles producing four times more than the official limits on average.” The Guardian. Read it on

Call for pollution tax on sales of new diesel cars in Britain