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Jyoti Pande Lavakare, Delhi-based columnist and co-founder of Care for Air (, an awareness and advocacy platform whose mission is the pursuit of clean air, urges Prime Minister Modi “to enforce and implement bold and concrete steps to arrest this menace [air pollution]. Otherwise, not just expatriates and foreign agencies, even many who do not want to move out, who moved to India from cleaner climes, made difficult choices or those of us who never had a choice will begin to look for options.”

She write, “So, if Prime Minister Narendra Modi is serious about inviting foreign investment and his ‘Make in India’ initiative, then his government needs to get equally serious about cleaning the country’s air. No foreign investor in his right mind is going to follow his money to live in a polluted city that can affect his family’s lungs the minute they step on Indian soil. And even if such investors decide to give work out on contract, they will have to pay higher salaries and compensations to their executives to come, live and execute their projects in India. Many international companies and organisations have already begun to realise the intangible and increasingly heavy costs of sending their workers and staff to India.” Hindustan Times. Read it on

Foul air blowing over India, not just in Delhi