Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 7.10.10 AM.png“It isn’t just sweaters the kindergartners are wearing as they pour out of their classrooms onto the lawns of the American Embassy School in India’s capital city. They are also wearing face masks. The school does not require students to wear air filtration masks against the polluted air here, the worst in the world, in the estimation of the World Health Organization. But it has created what its director calls “a culture of acceptance” around wearing them.

“…With expatriates and health-conscious Indians leading the way, residents of the Delhi metropolitan area of 25 million people are finally taking steps to protect themselves from the health-threatening atmosphere, as people in Beijing and some other heavily polluted Asian cities have already done.

“…Foreign companies and nonprofits were among the early adopters. The Red Cross office in New Delhi bought masks for all of its employees this winter. Abid Malik, who works there, wears his mask while jogging….” The New York Times. Read it on

As Air Worsens, New Delhi Turns to Masks. The Flashier the Better.