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“At first blush, you might not think air quality is related to brain health. But what if the two are connected? Air pollution continues to worsen in the developing world, especially in rapidly developing countries like China and India; at the same time, our global population is aging, and dementia rates are expected to rise accordingly. Increasingly, research suggests a link between air pollution exposure and the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. How might this relationship be possible, and what might it mean for what the world is — or isn’t — prepared to handle in the coming decades?

“Aaron Reuben is a science writer, recovering policy wonk, and neuropsychologist in training who’s exploring just these questions. He’s a PhD student at Duke, and his journalistic endeavors include an eye-opening feature for Mother Jones (cross-posted at Grist) that draws attention to the connection between dementia and dirty air.” Vox (Energy & Environment). Read the full interview with Aaron Reuben it on

Meet the scientist connecting the dots between air pollution and dementia