Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 8.14.50 AM“India’s capital city is to reprise a two-week experiment in road-rationing, imposing new rules to restrict car use, as it seeks to clean up the world’s most polluted urban air. From April 15, New Delhi will re-impose rules that permit each of the city’s cars to be on the roads every alternate day based on their licence plate numbers. The fortnight-long restrictions come after authorities received strong public support for a similar experiment in January.

“Arvind Kejriwal, chief minister of New Delhi, said surveys registered positive backing for the scheme, with fourth-fifths of those who responded to a call for public feedback endorsing the programme. ‘We are seriously considering whether we can do this for 15 days every month,’ he said. ‘We can’t do this on a permanent basis until we get better public transport.’ But analysts suggest that may be Mr Kejriwal’s eventual goal. “I think we are working towards a situation where this will be a permanent feature,” said Vikrom Mathur, a senior fellow at the Observer Research Foundation, a New Delhi think-tank.

“…The second phase of the study appears intended to check the impact of the scheme on local ozone levels, more a problem in the hot summer than the cold winter. However, there is resistance. India’s car industry is angered over the restrictions on car use — and sales — in the battle against air pollution. This month, Ralph Speth, chief executive of luxury carmaker Jaguar Land Rover — owned by India’s Tata Motors, complained that the exhaust of its vehicles was “cleaner” than the air it “sucked in” in Delhi.” FT. Read it on

India’s capital New Delhi to reprise anti-pollution drive