Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 8.52.28 PMDelhi-based Canadian journalist George Hoff (consultant to the new Zee English channel) wonders why concern over net neutrality warrants a stronger and more widespread reaction from Indians than their exposure to toxic air.

In his words, “The importance of truly neutral internet access is clear. Many Indians see it as one of their fundamental rights but the same can’t be said for their concern over breathing clean air….It has left me wondering why the people of Delhi “rise up” for internet neutrality but walk down the city’s streets accepting the hazardous air quality. Does a mother worry about her son running, breathless playing cricket with his friends? Does a father think to stop his young daughter from skipping till she’s out of breath in the park….What will it take for the people of Delhi to take on this critical health risk the way they are standing up to Facebook? While I wait for that answer, I’ve purchased a much better mask to try to minimise my intake of Delhi’s toxic soup.” dna. Read the full opinion piece on

#dnaEdit: Fighting for net neutrality but breathing foul air