Pollution trend unclear during trial: CPCB: The Times of India

“Wide fluctuations in concentrations of pollutants and lack of any clear trend during the much-discussed odd-even experiment suggests that no single action can substantially reduce air pollution levels in the capital, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has said in a report.

“With no clear trend and wide fluctuations observed in the concentrations, it is evident that meteorology and emissions from other polluting sources have been major factors impacting air quality of Delhi during the period,” says the report that analyses air quality in Delhi before, during and after the odd-even experiment.

“Calling for a comprehensive set of actions and an integrated approach, the CPCB says: “Overall, it can be stated that while some reduction in air pollution is likely to happen due to odd-even scheme, a single factor cannot substantially reduce air pollution levels.” The Times of India. Read it on  delhiair.org.

Pollution trend unclear during trial: CPCB