Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 10.13.35 AMClayton Lane , Chief Executive Officer of The Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP) — a non-profit organisation that seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the quality of urban life by advancing sustainable transportation around the world — in conversation with The Hindu about Delhi’s brush with the odd-even policy.

Delhi just saw a 15-day trial run of the odd-even scheme. Do you think it was implemented effectively?

Delhi’s odd-even experiment was a phenomenal success. Delhi’s people, in particular, made it happen and deserve recognition. The policy shows that it is possible for Delhi to take bold policy choices and achieve remarkable results in a short time. Delhi should use the experience to think ambitiously about other moves to tackle transport woes. Is it possible to implement a 1,00,000-cycle sharing scheme in Delhi? Yes. Can Delhi widen footpaths and build proper cycle tracks this year? It must. Can Delhi implement a high-quality BRT network to complement the Metro? Absolutely…” The Hindu. Read the full interview on

‘Odd-even experiment was a phenomenal success’