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“The World Health Organisation is calling air pollution “a public health emergency” across the globe. Weeks before the organisation is slated to reveal data on high levels of pollution from 2,000 cities, Maria Neira, head of public health at the WHO, told The Guardian that toxic air is “one of the biggest problems we are facing globally, with horrible future costs to society.” Research has now found that polluted air is the cause of not only pneumonia or asthma but also of cardiovascular diseases and dementia, which will cost governments a lot of money in health care in the future, she said. She also urged for an improvement in public transport systems, for government to do the needful and for individuals to play their role by choosing a public transport vehicle over their own car, according to the Irish Examiner.” First Post. Read the full article on

WHO says air pollution will cost world millions, calls it ‘a global public health emergency’