Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 9.47.48 AM.png“Delhi is a city that adds 1,400 cars to its roads every day – and the minute the local government announced an emergency car rationing plan, the complaints and legal battles began.”

BBC Reporter Anu Anand provides a personal account of the impact of the odd-even scheme on her commute.

“…But then the first day of 2016 dawned and something entirely unexpected happened. That evening, I went to take a look at the six-lane ring road that encircles Delhi. Apart from a handful of rule-breakers, the number plates were mostly odd-numbered. Even the next day, and in the days after that, the amount of traffic was hugely reduced. People shared tips on how to carpool or avoid journeys altogether. Suddenly, a trip across town took 20 minutes rather than the usual 80. We weren’t surrounded on all sides by battered cars jostling for position.” BBC News – Magazine. Read it on

The city in love with cars even though its air is toxic