The Times of India: Alarm over toxic air in Kolkata; diesel fleet to blame

“KOLKATA: Kolkata’s air is as bad as Delhi’s, if not worse, and calls for equally drastic measures to save the city from turning into a smoke pit. In fact, the suspended particulate matter (SPM) count is so alarming that emission experts call for rescheduling of school timings to protect children from the toxic concentration in the morning air.

“It’s high time that school timings are rescheduled since the ambient air remains very hazardous. There is no point making children inhale poison in the morning,” said Sudipto Bhattacharya of the NGO Saviours and Friends of Environment (SAFE). Auto emission consultant Soumendra Mohan Ghosh said, “If a rally can lead to rescheduling of school timing, the current ambient air calls for a complete ban on outdoor activities in the morning for both children and the elderly.”  The Times of India

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Alarm over toxic air in Kolkata; diesel fleet to blame

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