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New Delhi resident Lizu Matta, 29, is unsure how she’s going to commute to work in the new year with the start of traffic controls aimed at benching half the Indian capital’s 2.8 million private vehicles on alternate days. There’s the overcrowded subway, or the risk of a fine if she gets caught driving when she shouldn’t.

For the city’s more than 16.8 million residents, 1 January marks the beginning of the most draconian measures aimed at reducing the number of exhaust-belching automobiles in the world’s most polluted metropolitan area. They also have to contend with fines for open-air burning of waste, and a ban on bigger diesel-engine vehicles, while more steps including increasing the penalty on cars found with tailpipe emissions exceeding limits are under consideration.

Together, they mark the most concerted efforts by the government to address popular discontent triggered by pollution levels that were well above safe limits for the past more than a month…” Live Mint. Read it on

New Delhi is about to find out how hard it is to have clean air