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“Beginning January 1, the New Delhi government will take on the city’s choking air pollution head-on by allowing car-owners to drive only every other day — cars with odd numbers license plates on one day, even numbers on the next.

But even before the city’s residents begin their tryst with car-pooling and public transport, the government said the rule will not apply to everybody.

On Monday, the chief minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal announced a long list of 26 exemptions to the ambitious new 15-day experiment.

The list includes the usual suspects of VIPs, who in India enjoy many perks, including being exempted from airport security checks and highway tolls.

The new odd-even car rule in the city will not apply to India’s prime minister, president, ministers, defense ministry vehicles, governors and chief ministers of 29 states and seven territories, judges, parliament speakers, leader of opposition, people with special protection guards, pilot vehicles of commando-protected VIPs, embassy vehicles and so on.

The rule will not apply to scooters and motorcycles.

…Kejriwal added that he will not be part of the exemption list. Other exemptions include ambulances, fire trucks, hearse, and police vehicles. Cars driven by women and women with children below 12 years of age, and disabled people will also be exempt. If a violator pleads a medical emergency, then their car will be allowed based on “trust”, said Kejriwal.” The Washington Post. Read it on

Delhi’s ambitious plan to crack down on air pollution has some serious loopholes