Vehicle emissions may rise 19 times by 2020: The Times of India

“An eight-year study , from 2008-2015, conducted by IIT-Roorkee, University of Minnesota, US, and University of Surrey , UK, has shown that emissions from vehicles in Delhi have increased up to three times between 1991 and 2011; these could rise by up to 19 times by 2020.  Researchers said the study has now been accepted for publication by the international science journal ” Atmospheric Environment”.

Private vehicles’ (two-wheelers and cars) emissions–carbon dioxide, hydro carbons, PM10 (particulate matter), carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and toxic substances like butadiene, acetaldehyde, benzene, formaldehyde, total aldehyde, and total poly aromatic hydrocarbons have increased by 2-13 times in 2011 and 2-16 times in 2015 over 1991 levels, the researchers have found.

Two-wheelers were found, at present, to be the dominant source of emissions of what are termed Mobile Source Air Toxics (MSATs)–formaldehyde (37%), hydrocarbons (35%) and acetaldehyde (64%). Private cars were found to be responsible for the majority of the carbon monoxide (34%), benzene (48%), and total aldehyde (40%) emission. Heavy-duty commercial vehicles (HCVs) were found to have emitted nearly 46% of all particulate pollutants in 2015. Diesel cars were responsible for 10% of such pollution in Delhi. The Times of India. Read it on

Vehicle emissions may rise 19 times by 2020