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  • “Nasa tracked air pollution trends over the last decade in various regions and 195 cities around the globe
  • It looked at nitrogen dioxide, which is a common emission from cars, power plants and industrial activity
  • It found that the US, Europe and Japan have improved air quality thanks to emission control regulations
  • China, India and the Middle East have seen more air pollution due to their growing economics, it found 

The shocking images of smog over India and China have revealed just how bad air pollution has become in these regions. The images are backed up by satellite data that reveals how China, India and the Middle East have all increased their pollution as a result of their expanding industries.
Now Nasa has compiled this data into a series of maps, which reveal the positive impact of emission control regulations in the US, Europe and Japan. Scroll down for video and interactive map.” Mail Online (UK – The Daily Mail). Read it on

How polluted is YOUR country? Nasa map shows the changing levels of nitrogen dioxide throughout the world