“As air pollution worsens, MNCs find it hard to coax employees to move to Indian capital.”

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“Even as talks to tackle climate change got under way in Paris last week, the Indian capital New Delhi was engulfed in choking smog.

“No soccer today,” said Mrs Tina Chadha, a 30-something homemaker, firmly to her two sons, both aged under 10, at their home last Monday. They protested but she stood her ground.

Two days later, the air was ever so slightly better. “You can play, but only if you agree to wear masks,” the American woman married to an Indian told them.

On the football pitch, the Chadha boys were not the only ones wearing masks. It is a sight that is becoming increasingly common as parents, both expatriate and Indian, protect their children against the toxic air in the city.

The difference between the local and foreign parents is that most Indians do not have the option of leaving. Expats do and anecdotal evidence suggests that many, particularly those with children, are moving away.” The Singapore Straits Times. Read it on delhiair.org.

Delhi’s choking smog driving away expats