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“IIT Kanpur has recommended that Euro VI fuel standards be introduced in Delhi at the earliest in order to check the rising air pollution. It has also recommended that LPG be considered as an alternative and coal burning in power plants or otherwise be stopped completely. The IIT Kanpur team recently submitted a draft report which said that vehicles are responsible for 60% of the air pollution in winter. The report, which is based on modelling exercises and on real-time data collected over two-and-a-half years between 2012 and 2015, will be finalised in December once Delhi government officials meet Professor Mukesh Sharma, the lead investigator of the study. ‘Vehicles are a major source of pollution in winter and IIT Kanpur has given us a list of recommendations but we have to see which of these can be implemented quickly, ‘said Ashwani Kumar, secretary environment, Delhi government.”   The Times of India. Read it on

Bring Euro VI to check pollution: IIT-Kanpur