Vehicles bane of Delhi’s air: US scientist: The Times of India

“On July 26, 1943 residents of Los Angeles woke up wondering whether they had been chemical-bombed. The city was in the grip of its first severe smog. The main culprits were LA’s vehicle boom and factories. Srikanth S Nadadur, US Embassy science fellow who has just completed his three month assignment in India on air pollution research, says vehicles are Delhi’s bane as well. It is a position the automo bile lobby will fiercely contest but Nadadur said, ‘My understanding is that most of the emissions are from transport Hence the (supreme) court ruling about moving the trucks out (of Delhi).’ He added that India needs a regulatory agency ‘like the US Environment Protection Agency’.
Nadadur said on Wednesday that a community of scientists from India and the US is being formed to plan for integrated air pollution and health research in India. He was sent to India fol lowing an agreement for bilater al cooperation on air pollution research during US President Barack Obama’s January visit.The objective of his assignment was to make a collaborative effort with Government of India to see ‘if science can drive policy’.” The Times of India. Read it on

Vehicles bane of Delhi’s air: US scientist