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“Around 68 per cent of Gurgaon officials have shortness of breath, out of which 57 per cent have below normal lung capacity while 48 per cent have lung function suggestive of asthma. The worrying picture of poor respiratory health compounded by poor air quality was revealed in a survey released on Wednesday. November 18 is observed as World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) day. The survey was conducted by a group of pulmonologists. ‘The survey results are certainly shocking, especially for the officials who were mostly unaware of the problem earlier. We hope that survey shall serve as an eye opener for the people as well as healthcare stakeholders that will help point out the extent of the problem and importance of raising awareness on the same,’ says Himanshu Garg, Head of Department, Respiratory Critical Care, Artemis Hospital.  In the survey, 21 per cent respondents reported having cough at-least few days a month and 8 per cent of them felt that their routine work was hampered due to poor exercise capacity.” The Hindu. Read it on

Gurgaon bureaucrats gasp for breath as air quality dips