Hardlook pollution watch: Particulately disturbing: The Indian Express

The good news: Pollutants, especially particulate matter — PM10 and PM2.5, dispersed fast this Diwali in Delhi, riding on favourable weather conditions. The bad news: Air quality nosedived despite the favourable conditions. Noise levels spiked too.  Here is a look at the elevated pollution levels and the health risks they subject us to. Air quality monitoring during Diwali, tasked with multiple agencies in Delhi, often throws up starkly different analogies. This year, all agencies acknowledged that high wind speeds and cooler temperature allowed pollutants, especially particulate matter, to disperse faster this year. Air quality, however, still nosedived. Scientists said the dip, acknowledged across agencies, was despite the favourable weather conditions.” The Indian Express. Read it on delhiair.org.

Hardlook pollution watch: Particulately disturbing