Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 4.26.55 PMSanjoy Hazarika, director of the Centre for Northeast Studies and Policy Research, Jamia Millia Islamia, writes about the need for Indian government to take an integrated approach to combatting air pollution. “The causes, sources and impact of air quality issues are interconnected and they need to be addressed together. One solution is better and more extensive public transport, such as the metro and buses. Addressing one air quality issue can often help to reduce other kinds of pollution. The government, in partnership with non-governmental organisations, technical specialists and research organisations, needs to initiate a clean air campaign. This needs to take the form of legislation as well as behaviour-changing approaches. Governments, both at the Central and state levels, need to reassess their production and consumption of energy and work with partners for a low-carbon future — one that is more efficient, has more natural gas and a growing share of renewable energy, such as solar and bio-gas. The Indian government cannot delay a roadmap for emissions standards any longer.” The Indian Express. Read it on 

Clearing The Air: An alarming rise in pollution levels underscores the urgent need for better regulation.