Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 4.23.10 PMIt’s that time of year again in India’s capital: The season of mists and yellow acridness. Delhiites opening their windows on a winter morning are often greeted by the smell of wood smoke mingled with gasoline as they peer through the yellowy air. One significant culprit adding to the city’s pollution levels is burning trash, which can contain plastic, rubber and metal items and give off toxic emissions. …The Central Pollution Control Board of India, a government body, has estimated that garbage burning in the open air contributes 5% to 11% of all direct particulate matter in Indian cities’ air, the report says….A lack of field observations, among other things, makes the impact of trash burning on pollution levels hard to quantify, said the report titled ‘Characterizing the Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Open Burning of Municipal Solid Waste in Indian Cities,’ which was published late last month….” The Wall Street Journal – India. Read it on

How Trash Is Adding to Delhi’s Air Pollution Problems