Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 5.52.01 PMDevelopment research professional and blogger, Sapna Kedia, writes about the impact and effect of Delhi’s air pollution and notes that solutions should not only fall under the responsibility of scientists, environmentalists, and the government.  Individuals also have a responsibility to be proactive in addressing air pollution and can “make small incremental efforts” to help. “It is about time we devise our own solutions, however small in scale. Perhaps we could keep one day in a week to use public transport and gradually increase it to two, be more alert to getting our pollution checks on time, resist buying diesel vehicles, think twice before buying multiple vehicles, reduce smoking, do a car pool and so on. Nothing innovative about these options, but have we exhausted this available list? Not yet.” The Huffington Post India – The Blog. Read it on

Air Pollution: Why We All Need to be Accountable