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Sunita Narain, director general of India’s Centre for Science and Environment, contemplates the question she is often asked by parents — whether they should leave Delhi because of its toxic air.   “It is a no-brainer, you would say. After all, Delhi is very polluted and we know from all evidence that the air toxins are deadly for our health. There may not be any comprehensive epidemiological study conclusively showing how growing air pollution in Indian cities is adding to the health burden, but there is enough to tell us that things are bad.” …Still Narain has difficulty advising people to leave Delhi as “it would mean accepting defeat” [on advocating for government policy to clean the air]. “So leaving should not be the question. How to fight and win this battle against pollution should be.” Business Standard. Read it on

Sunita Narain: Leave Delhi, or face up to pollution?
The writer is at the Centre for Science and Environment
Twitter: @sunitanar