The curious case of polluted Delhi: IBN Live – blog by Shweta Kothari

“…Stakeholders agree that a sturdy roadmap to pollution control and emission norms can only be laid down once all the causes are compounded and different sources are factored to arrive at a comprehensive study. The government must be willing to prioritize the lurking issue with immediate focus, as a public safety concern. As long as pro-environment ministers are sacked (Jayanti Natarajan fiasco) and replaced by industry friendly substitute, rest assure, people will continue to pay the price of living in a polluted country, which presently includes, sporting weakest lungs in the entire world.” Shweta Kothari. Read it on

(“The writer is a Correspondent at CNBC-TV18. She is an alumnus of University of Sussex, UK and has previously worked for Bloomberg TV India and BBC Scotland. She can be reached on twitter @shwkothari.IBNLive (blog)”

The curious case of polluted Delhi