Letter from Delhi: Part 1: Air Pollution as Environmental Injustice: TripleCrisis.com

“This is part 1 of a two-part series from UMass-Amherst professor of economics and regular Triple Crisis contributor James K. Boyce. This part focuses on disparate exposure to air pollution in Dehli. Part 2, to be posted next week, focuses on solutions to the problem.”

“Just as not everyone is harmed equally by pollution, not everyone benefits equally from the activities that cause it. Delhi’s upper-income residents ‘consume more of energy intensive and emission-producing goods such as electricity and private transport,’ Garg [professor Amit Garg of the Indian Institute of Management] observes, ‘while the poor bear a disproportionately higher share of the resultant air pollution health burden.’ In other words, Delhi’s air pollution is a classic case of environmental injustice. The distribution of its costs and benefits mirrors the distribution of wealth and power.” TripleCrisis.com. Read it on delhiair.org.

Letter from Delhi: Part 1: James K. Boyce