Delhi taking matter in own hands, air purifier queries up 100%: The Times of India

DELHI: Delhi’s air has been a subject of constant discussion ever since reports of its air pollution levels being among the worst in the world emerged earlier this year. The NGT’s ultimatums to the government, banning older vehicles and regulating entry of trucks in the capital haven’t yielded results because of the problems involved in implementing such changes, but even small steps like not burning dry leaves and garbage are not being followed in most parts of the capital. While Delhiites can’t control most of these factors, one thing they are trying to take under control is the air they breathe at home. Enquiries about air purifiers have more than doubled, even as they stay out of the reach of the middle class because of their cost. Sellers say that 70% of the current customers are expats (the US embassy and the EU have asked diplomats to install air purifiers at home), but add that just like water purifiers, which were seen as a luxury in the past but are now a necessity, the air purifier market is at the cusp of a boom. ” The Times of India. Read it on

Delhi taking matter in own hands, air purifier queries up 100%