Planned in phases: Paris shows way to cleaner air: The Economic Times

“PARIS: The blue, clear skies this summer in Paris hardly indicate it has an air pollution problem. But the top agenda for the Paris municipality— Marie De Paris—is dealing with tiny, respirable pollution particles or PM 2.5 that can get lodged in the lungs or enter the bloodstream of residents.

Paris, which will be hosting the United Nations climate change conference or COP21 in December, has decided to phase out diesel vehicles completely in the city by 2020. This doesn’t mean the existing fleet of vehicles will remain. The municipality has pretty much given six years’ time to Parisians to junk their diesel cars.

“We are telling the car industry that by 2020, diesel cars can’t run in Paris. It’s a tough call. We have a very powerful auto industry in France. Residents have six years to change,” Patrick Klugman, deputy mayor of Paris for international relations, told Indian journalists during a media visit organized by the French ministry of foreign affairs…” The Economic Times
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