New guidelines in Delhi to curb construction pollution: Hindustan Times

“The Delhi government has come up with a bunch of guidelines to curb pollution from construction sites, which includes keeping the ground at construction sites wet and covering vehicles that carry construction material. According to Delhi environment department sources, around 7-8% of the total pollution in the city was due to construction sites. The department has issued a notice to 172 companies in this regard a few months ago too. Government officials had then stated that they couldn’t take further action due to the lack of proper guidelines.Now the environment department has circulated a stepwise guideline and if construction companies violate them, action will be taken. “We have asked them to cover the trucks that carry construction material. Also the construction site should be properly covered. To let the dust settle, they have been asked to keep the ground wet. Also the construction workers must wear protective gear,” said an environment department official.” Hindustan Times. Read it on

New guidelines in Delhi to curb construction pollution