Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 7.54.36 AM“The past few years have seen social movements, individual citizens and social media platforms come together in Delhi to pressure the government for change.
Yet, as we hurtled past another World Environment Day and as the media continues to carry reports on the frightening levels of air pollution in the city and the impact it has on Delhi’s health — one fourth of the city’s children have weak lungs — it seems strange that there is no collective outrage on the one issue that affects every one of the capital’s citizens. It’s almost laughable but currently the most visible public anger has been directed against a foreign correspondent who brutally outlined the effect the city’s pollution had on his eight-year-old son. What does it take for the city to galavanise itself to create pressure on the government? Hindustan Times. Read it on

Why doesn’t the quality of air grab Delhi’s citizens?