Foul air hems in people with breathing problems: The Times of India

“As the city’s air goes from bad to unbreathable, expats can talk about returning home, but for people heavily invested here—native-born Delhiites and others who have built up their careers and raised families in it—there’s no escape.
The falling air quality is taking a toll on the health of lakhs of asthmatics and people with impaired lung function. Exposure to air in heavy traffic triggers severe wheezing immediately, and emergency hospital visits have shot up over the years.”
“…Pollution does not cause asthma but it worsens it. Dr Vikram Jaggi, director of Asthma Chest and Allergy Centre says asthma is common in Australia and New Zealand although the air is clean. “Air pollution affects lung health and function in general. In an extremely polluted city, the effect is similar to breathing six to seven cigarettes. It affects children and the elderly the most because their airways are smaller and weaker.” The Times of India. Read it on

Foul air hems in people with breathing problems