In Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 3.38.50 PMresponse to Gardiner Harris’s recent New York Times column on the impact to his children (and their lungs) of living in Delhi’s toxic air for three years, Sandipan Sharma opines that Harris’s column “isn’t a typical foreigner’s rant against us; it is a reflection of the mess the capital has become.”  He says, “New York Times journalist Gardiner Harris is not the only person happy to leave Delhi; he is not the only father worried about the effect of its toxic environment on children. Living in the Indian capital, as many others will tell you, is a punishment best avoided. If you have the option, if you can find employment and happiness in some other city, if you love your children more than the job, stay away from Delhi.” Read it on

NYT writer leaves polluted Delhi to save his kids: It’s time for a new capital of India