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“Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar has blamed “vested interests” for raising the issue of Delhi’s poor air quality at this time and suggested these were linked to “forces that do not want India to progress” and against which the government would “take action”.

“Delhi air quality…has it deteriorated in the last 10 months only? It’s a problem that was existing for the last 10 years. Nobody bothered to ask, raise the question in 10 years. No media, no members, no other NGOs raised the issue of Delhi air quality,” Javadekar said in an interview to The Indian Express today.

Asked what made him come to this conclusion, he said: “That you have to actually find out. I can say that there are vested interests”.

He did not specify what he meant by “vested interests” but suggested that these “vested interests” had been depending on “one embassy’s” data to run the campaign. He did not name the embassy.” The Indian Express

Death By Breath: Why did no one raise air issue for 10 years…vested interests doing it now, say Prakash Javadekar