Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 8.14.29 AM“Air pollution is a global problem with local specificities. Regardless of its form, air pollution has serious adverse consequences in various areas. The effects on health depend on the concentration of pollutants, which differ according to cities. Its impact on economic growth in cities is perceptible: decreased productivity and attractiveness.Tourism, business and people-to-people contacts can be generally affected in the medium and long term, and citizens’ quality of life deteriorates. Add to these the fact that big metropolises, as well as mid-sized cities, are growth and innovation drivers and often act as showcases of a country’s attractiveness.”

Ambassador Richler writes that India “is currently in a phase of urban transition with its urban population is set to double to 600 million people by 2031.”  He explains, “India’s future urban challenges are considerable, they also show that this situation is an opportunity — the opportunity to avoid the past mistakes of the cities of developed countries, and certain emerging countries…” The Indian Express. Read it on

What Delhi can learn from Paris