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“If you thought leaving Delhi was one option to escape its toxic air, you might need to think again about where you’re going. For, different versions of the Delhi story appear to be playing out in the other metros, too, and in even some ofScreen shot 2015-04-10 at 5.34.11 PM the smaller cities. Mumbai, despite the sea breeze, is on that WHO list; Kolkata is shrouded in a dust cloudcaused by a construct boom; Chennai is dealing with a spurt in RSPM due to brick kilns and road dust. As for Bangalore, researchers are connecting the dots between a rise in RSPM levels and deaths due to lung cancer. The big hope now is that Delhi can show the way once again: from the historic switchover of all transport vehicles to CNG by 2002, which was followed by 60 other Indiancities, to the latest directives by the National Green Tribunal to ban all diesel vehicles over 10 years old from the capital’s roads and put a lid on construction waste.” The Indian Express. Read it on

Mumbai to Chennai: How Delhi could show the way