India needs habitable cities before smart cities: Business Standard (opinion column)

India needs more habitable cities that show strong commitment to sustainability before we get the smart cities.

Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced his government’s plans to create 100 smart cities, there is a rise in the clamour by chief ministers to get the tag. From Ajmerto Allahabad and from Salem to Srinagar, the list of contenders grows, even as India gives shape to a plan and an agreement on what constitutes a smart city….Isn’t it time that India took a look at making its existing cities habitable – ones that offer a green, clean and safe living environment to its inhabitants? We need a plan for metros and mini-metros so as to stem population rise, offer a seamless and effective public transport system that discourages commuting in personal vehicles and ultimately leads to acceptable pollution levels.” Business Standard. Read it on

India needs habitable cities before smart cities